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Time Management & Productivity Training Programs

Participants develop systems for productivity, learn time management techniques, balance priorities, and improve goal setting.

Balancing Priorities: How to Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines, and Expectations

by David D. Knapp, PhD

In our increasingly competitive world, we all need to be more productive than ever. Not only must we do our jobs in less time and with fewer resources, we often work for more than one boss and on more than one team.

As a result, we may face conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations, making it difficult to identify what is most important. Furthermore, the transformations in our workplaces brought about by technology have, in addition to the many benefits, increased the speed and complexity of our work.

This course will enable participants to properly prioritize their obligations, allowing them to improve performance and productivity. As a result, they will also achieve a better work/life balance, minimize the stress related to managing their tasks efficiently, and, ultimately, improve working relationships.

Course Objectives:

Successful completion of this course will increase the participants’ ability to:

  • Understand why it is important to manage their priorities
  • Describe obstacles to managing their priorities
  • Prioritize their tasks, activities, and responsibilities
  • Employ strategies for making the best use of their time
  • Describe ways to use technology to stay on track

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Finding Focus in a World of Distraction

by Shannon Andrus, EdD

Why is it so hard to stay focused? Why do most of us feel like we are further behind at the end of the workday? In this course, Shannon explores the components of our connected lives that can lead to loss of focus, reduction in productivity, and feelings of disconnection and burnout. She provides effective strategies and habits for managing your day, week, and year to accomplish day-to-day tasks and long-term goals.

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