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Train the Trainer Programs

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Our Train-the-Trainer offerings help organizations get up and running quickly with their own in-house training programs.

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Delivered by Kari Knutson, MA

Your organization has discovered a need for a particular training and now you want to be able to deliver it to your employees on an as-needed basis. You have a general curriculum with key topics in mind, but don’t know where to take it from there.

Kari Knutson, an expert in presentation skills and curriculum design, can help move your in-house training program forward to completion by reviewing and crafting your final curriculum, providing feedback and coaching sessions, and helping your team gain the wide range of knowledge they need so you can deliver your own successful long-running program.

Train-the-Trainer modules can include:

  • Dynamic presentation skills
    • Preparing notes and practicing delivery for improved confidence
    • Starting and stopping, flow and pacing, content organization
    • Effective use of visual aids such as slide presentations
    • The importance of your stance, clothing, body language, and the tone of your voice
    • Addressing fears and overcoming nerves
    • Working with a cofacilitator
  • Best practices for teaching adult learners
    • Adult learning theories
    • Engaging with adult learners
    • Best practices in instructional design
    • Addressing diverse learning styles
  • Engaging participants and building rapport
    • Creating a positive environment at the onset
    • Setting expectations and reviewing learning objectives
    • Enhancing the flow of the agenda and content to maximize participant engagement
    • Encouraging discussion
    • Maximizing group involvement with group work/activities
    • Utilizing humor
  • Addressing challenges that arise
    • Using skills in observation, intervention, active listening, feedback, and effective questioning to keep the group on track
    • Dealing with difficult or reluctant participants
    • Handling disruptions and keeping the agenda on track
    • Tackling tough topics and sensitive issues
  • Technology and room setup
    • Technology 101 for presenters
    • Utilizing interactive presentation applications to increase engagement
    • Day-of-presentation checklist
    • Assessing the limits of the physical space
    • When things go wrong and mitigating difficulties
  • Assistance with curriculum development
    • Reviewing, crafting, and refining your agenda and key topics
    • Reviewing, crafting, and refining your slide presentation
    • Reviewing, crafting, and refining your participant materials
    • Observation, review, feedback, and coaching sessions

In person for your organization’s group.

Suitable for:

Groups of 5 – 25 participants.


One to three full days plus optional curriculum review meetings, observation, and coaching sessions.

Offered by Tara Powers, MS

Designed for corporate trainers, L&D managers, HR leaders and subject matter experts, all of Tara Powers’ ready-made training programs include:

  • Workshop Summary (for marketing)
  • Workshop Agenda
  • Pre/Post Skill and Confidence Survey (for measuring ROI)
  • Coaching Tip Sheet (for learner’s manager)
  • Workbook for Learners
  • Facilitator/Workshop Leader Guide
  • Presentation Slides

Organizations can select from the following topics to include in their bundle of training programs.

  • Moving From Bud to Boss: The Mindset of the Successful New Manager
  • Leading With Emotional Intelligence
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations: Moving Past Conflict and Towards Cooperation
  • Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills
  • Best Practices for Leading Remote Teams
  • Being Resilient in the Midst of Change, Growth and Uncertainty
  • Hiring Great Talent
  • Setting & Aligning Goals with Strategy
  • Defining Clear Expectations & Providing Effective Feedback
  • Leading Effective and Empowering One on One’s
  • Using Coaching to Influence and Develop Your Team
  • Managing Performance Discussions
  • Practicing Recognition and Motivational Techniques
  • Practicing Relationship Strategies That Build Trust
  • Tara’s on-demand content is 100% customizable, editable and can be branded by your team.
  • Tara offers one-and-done pricing. You pay once for the licensing fee and obtain the rights to use the content indefinitely with as many people as needed.
  • Tara has done the work for you so you don’t have to hire additional staff or consultants required to build effective leadership programs. This saves you significant costs.
  • The training content is immediately ready to train your teams and leaders – no downtime for development.
    • Average time to develop one hour of instructor-led training ~ 40-50 hours (ATD, 2020)
  • Tara’s topics can be offered as half- to full-day workshops, easily delivered in shorter modules virtually.
  • Tara’s proven, award-winning leadership content was created by a 25-year leadership development veteran and recognized industry expert.
  • The tiered pricing options work with your budget.
  • And finally, Tara offers additional optional coaching and support for your training team.

Offered by Tara Powers, MS

Train your trainers and subject matter experts to design in-house programs and workshops that deliver results.

Taught by master facilitator and corporate training developer, Tara Powers, this train-the-trainer masterclass incorporates brain science, adult learning principles, and micro-learning options.

Receive a full package of workshop design and development resources that you can use, rinse, and repeat over and over again.

Phase 1

How to Assess, Design, and Develop Leading-Edge Training Workshops

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Perform an effective and thorough needs analysis
  • Map out learning content that meets clear learning objectives
  • Design content and activities with an understanding of how adults learn
  • Build evaluation and measurement methods
  • Create design documents for your programs or workshops
  • Design Presentation, Feedback and Coaching
Phase 2

How to Be a Rockstar Facilitator

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Deep dive into adult learning
  • Rock Star Facilitation Methods both in person and virtually
  • Best Practices for a Powerful Opener and Close
  • Managing Group Dynamics and Difficult Situations
  • Preparing Your Facilitation Activity and Debrief
  • Facilitation Practice and Feedback Round 1
  • Facilitation Practice and Feedback Round 2
  • Building Your Participant Guide, Manager Support Materials, and Facilitator Guide