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Presentation Skills Training Programs

Participants learn to give effective presentations, enhance their PowerPoint presentations, and facilitate effective meetings.

Death by PowerPoint

by Kari Knutson, MA

How many times have you sat through a PowerPoint presentation that felt like it was taking away minutes of your life? A poorly done PowerPoint can actually diminish a message and in fact detract from it!

In this session participants will learn the three of the most common traps to avoid as well as easy and relevant tools to keep their PowerPoint presentations applicable, interesting, and dynamic!

Participants will also learn how to create a deliberate structure for improved flow of their presentation and engagement of the audience. We will also discuss strategies for placement of stories, data, and pictures, and how to enhance visuals overall to improve their impact.

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Meeting Mastery: How to Conduct Effective Meetings

by Christine Kopec, MA

According to a Microsoft Corp. survey of over 38,000 workers, people spend 5.5 hours per week in meetings and 71 percent feel meetings aren’t productive. Ineffective meetings are among the top time- wasters reported by workers. Poorly run meetings cost organizations money, time, talent, and productivity.

However, meetings are a central and necessary part of any functioning organization. When conducted effectively, meetings facilitate communication, clarify goals, determine measurable action items, and move projects forward. Effective meeting skills are not optional – they are a core competency for anyone who leads or attends meetings at work.

During this fast-paced, interactive training program, participants will learn specific tips and strategies for maximizing productivity through effective meeting preparation, participation, and facilitation.

Key learning objectives:

  • Set realistic meeting norms and engage all participants
  • Determine the four critical questions to answer before any meeting
  • Understand the role of a meeting facilitator or leader
  • Deal with dysfunctional behaviors and getting a group “unstuck”
  • Learn how to decide as the leader (or turn it over to the group) using the Vroom Model
  • Build and reach group consensus
  • Practice role-playing different meeting scenarios


One day onsite training session

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Presentation Skills

by David D. Knapp, PhD

For better or worse, professionals often are judged by how well they carry themselves during workplace presentations. To that end, this highly interactive session is designed to help participants better organize, prepare, and deliver effective workplace presentations. Because class size is limited, participants get the opportunity to deliver prepared presentations, which are then reviewed so that participants receive targeted, individual feedback from the facilitator and other participants.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze their intended audience and develop presentations specifically targeting that audience
  • Effectively organize presentations based on the general and specific purpose for the presentation
  • Develop and incorporate professional, engaging visual and/or multi-media components that support their presentations
  • Demonstrate polished and effective delivery techniques
  • Smoothly handle question-and-answer sessions – including objections
  • Turn negative nervous energy into positive performance energy

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Speaking for Impact

by Kari Knutson, MA

Cultivating and polishing your public speaking skills can help you improve your confidence, enhance your reputation or the message of your organization, and create opportunities to connect with more people.

Whether you are running a meeting, speaking at a conference, accepting an award, teaching a class, or offering a toast at a wedding, strong public speaking skills are vital to your success.

In this session participants will learn more about how to overcome fears and anxieties related to public speaking, how to enhance their content so that it is more accessible, interesting, and dynamic, tips to improve audience engagement, and ideas to maximize the use of their visuals. We will also discuss how to use the space they have in the most effective way, the impact of body language, intonation and expressions, and how to develop a speaking style that is as individual as they are.

This session will give participants the tools they need to feel empowered, confident, and ready to take the stage.

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