The DTG Team of Experts

Shannon Andrus

Shannon Andrus, EdD

Business Writing & Professional Development
Elaine Appleton Grant

Elaine Appleton Grant

Podcast Producer & Public Radio Broadcaster
Randy Bauer

Randy Bauer, MBA

Leadership Training and Interpersonal Skills
Sheng Huang

Sheng Huang, MBA

Mind Mapping, Project Management & Systems Thinking
Renee Harness

Renee Harness, MS

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
Kari Knutson

Kari Knutson, MA

EQ, Interpersonal Skills, and Stress Management
David D. Knapp

David D. Knapp, PhD

Leadership Training, OD, & Coaching
Christine Kopec

Christine Kopec, MA, ACC

Leadership Training & Coaching, Communication
Polly Letofsky

Polly Letofsky

Inspirational Speaker & Storyteller
Kelli Oberndorf

Kelli Oberndorf, MHA, CPP, CPF

Interpersonal Skills and Management Coaching
Tom Pearce

Tom Pearce, MBA

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
Tara Powers

Tara Powers, MS

Team Building & Leadership Development
Debbie Scheer

Debbie Scheer

Emcee, Auctioneer, Humorous Speaker