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Top 10 for 2021: The Most Requested Training Topics

Updated for 2021, here is our annual list of the most popular workplace training topics our clients have been planning for this year.

If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going.

"Professor" Irwin Corey

How can a company start to create meaningful change among their workforce and shift company culture if they don't have a clearly laid-out plan to get there? Or what if they already have a plan, but the employees don't have the skills they need to work together effectively as a team? To navigate the smoothest course, organizations need to know how to properly set their sails and expertly steer toward their destination, all the while equipping their leaders and teams with the knowledge they need to help them get there.

To help your company successfully navigate the most efficient course of action, we've published our list of our most popular soft skills training topics that help prepare employees and leaders sail through any possible stormy sea of change and uncertainty.

The programs listed below currently reflect the most requested training topics among our team of experts. They are especially timely due to the advent of the global pandemic and its effect on the workforce.

Please note our team of experts not only deliver programs within Colorado but throughout the United States as well.

  • Leading Change

  • The year 2020 became symbolic for seemingly unending tumultuous change involving every aspect of our lives, especially the workplace, and circumstances and events leading into 2021 shows us we will need to continue to make change management a priority. The unexpected upheavals we have so far endured by recent external forces require putting in place new organization-wide systems and procedures to help overcome any resultant workplace challenges. Even before 2020, this particular workplace training topic has consistently been one of the most requested. Organizations understand that to effectively execute workplace change it needs to be led and implemented by those most impacted by any company-wide change program. This particular DTG change management workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn, practice, and apply effective communication and employee-engagement techniques and strategies to generate support for – and improve implementation of – change initiatives.

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  • Emotional Intelligence

  • This training topic is by far one of our most popular options because of its far-reaching potential to help us not only understand human behavior, but also to recognize our human potential. Participants can experience three levels of emotional intelligence training: 1) gaining an understanding of the importance of EQ and how to develop it; 2) strategies for using EQ in the real world; and 3) bringing the first two levels together to demonstrate how EQ can be actualized to help them express their best selves.

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  • Virtual Team Effectiveness

  • Since the workplace environment shifted from a bustling office to telecommuting from home due to social distancing practices brought about by COVID-19, businesses have been scrambling to find ways to help teams adapt to new ways of working to maintain productivity, group communication, engagement, and sense of belonging. This program, led by Tara Powers, MS, the author of Virtual Teams for Dummies and the foremost expert on developing high-performing virtual teams, shows participants how to enhance connection and collaboration through the use of collaborative technology, build and strengthen accountability, and address conflict and solve problems that are unique to remote teams. As businesses discovered over the past year the upsides to having a remote workforce, virtual team effectiveness will remain a hot topic for many years to come.

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  • Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Stress

  • Individuals in almost any work environment can face demanding situations and interactions. When an employee experiences constant demands, however, that can lead to burnout and stress, which will have negative consequences within a professional and personal context. This practical, not depressing (promise!) program offers tips and techniques to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue, burnout, and stress and what can be done to help resolve them. The presentation introduces participants to what realistic, tangible self-care looks like and offers different ways to think about being more resilient, even in demanding situations.

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  • Digital Communication

  • This course is typically paired with Business Writing Blitz and focuses on using email and other forms of electronic business communication both effectively and efficiently. For most employees, email represents the bulk of the business writing they create each day. Participants learn the rules, expectations, and current “netiquette” so employees can be sure that they are sending clear, appropriate, and compelling emails.

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  • Marathon Leadership

  • To overcome the most current workplace challenges, today's leaders must be visionary, disciplined, hardworking, driven to succeed, and inspirational — the same traits that all great marathon runners possess. To that end, this highly interactive and entertaining session helps participants overcome the leadership challenges they face every day by introducing them to "The 26.2 Lessons Every Leader Must Learn and Live." Through self-analysis, case studies, and group exercises, participants learn and begin applying these critical lessons for becoming better leaders.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Getting to Collaboration

  • Conflict is a naturally occurring consequence in the workplace brought about by human factors, but lately it most certainly has become a byproduct of the upheavals due to unprecedented events of 2020 and continue to follow us into 2021. Even prior to this year, conflict management has been another consistently requested training topic (if not the most requested every single year), along with leading change. Since we can never completely eliminate workplace conflict, the most practical solution to properly dealing with it is to teach team members how to apply specific conflict-resolution strategies so they develop the necessary skills over time to handle it in any situation.

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  • Legal Writing Skills for Attorneys and Administrators

  • This is one of our most requested topics because law firms understand the importance of strong legal writing skills among their staff – a clear, well-written, and concise legal document can mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Legal writing stands apart from business writing because it has its own specific rules for grammar, composition, and style. This course is specially designed for those in the legal field who need to draft error-free legal documents that follow those rules and to create documents that build a positive reputation for their firm.

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  • Balancing Priorities: How to Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines, and Expectations

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful if you didn't feel so overwhelmed by your workload and the time pressures to get everything done in what feels like an unrealistic time frame? This course will enable participants to properly prioritize their obligations, allowing them to improve performance and productivity. As a result, they will also achieve a better work/life balance, minimize the stress related to managing their tasks efficiently, and, ultimately, improve working relationships.

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  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Clients opt for coaching packages to help individual employees work on specific areas of growth such as presentation skills or time management. Packages are customized to meet the objectives of the employee and include a needs assessment, strategy sessions, resource development, goal setting and prioritizing, designing a plan of action, implementation, and progress check-ins.

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