Webinars / Virtual Training

Webinar Training

As an effective alternative to in-person presentations, we deliver virtual training in the form of live webinars for organizations that are looking to provide interactive training solutions for their remote groups.

Supporting Remote Teams

During these unprecedented times, organizations are trying to deal with the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and at the same time stay aware of the need for enhancing the skill sets and maintaining engagement of teams, which many are now working remotely. Because of the new societal challenges dealt by COVID-19, organizations are also realizing they need to find exceptional ways to help their staff cope with the uncertainty, fear, and struggles that have arisen out of present events. Webinar training is the answer to connecting with your organization's remote workforce and providing the training and coaching to receive the support and knowledge they need right now to become informed, stay engaged, and develop resilience.

Virtual Training Expertise

DTG's trainers have adapted to these changing times and can offer many of their presentations virtually. Each trainer is proficient in the use of Zoom Webinars software and other related products, such as Adobe Connect, and are experienced in handling the technical aspects and features needed to provide optimal delivery and engagement for their audiences.

graphic image of remote team connecting via computer
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Comprehensive Offerings

If you would like to offer webinar trainings to your group, start by browsing our catalog of training programs. You can click the button below each program description to request more information or, if you are already sure about which option is right for your group's training needs, to get started with the process of delivering the program to your organization.

Let Us Help

If you are not sure of which specific webinar training will best fit your group's needs, you can reach out to us by using the link below so we can get started working with you in determining the best training solution.

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