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Gender Communication Training Programs

Participants engage in gender communication in the workplace through written communication and interpersonal skills.

Gender and Communication in the Workplace

by Shannon Andrus, EdD

This inclusive course is designed to help all members of an organization address issues of gender that can arise in the workplace. The session focuses primarily upon written communication, including the use of pronouns, stereotypical male and female communication styles and their implications, and ways to promote and support all employees regardless of gender. Shannon includes practical suggestions to promote positive gender consciousnesses within the workplace.

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He Said, She Said

by David D. Knapp, PhD and Shannon Andrus, EdD

Although men and women have been working side by side in the United States for generations, effective gender communication in the workplace remains a challenge for many individuals. Therefore, this session is designed to help participants better recognize men and women typically bring to the workplace. Participants also will learn specific communication techniques to help them engage in more effective gender communication in the workplace. This often-sensitive subject is presented in a neutral, non-judgmental way and is based on the findings of research from multiple perspectives.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differences (and similarities) in the communication behaviors that men and women typically bring to the workplace
  • Leverage their individual gender-communication strengths, while compensating for their gender-communication weaknesses, as identified by the “Gender Communication” assessment
  • Apply specific tips and techniques to communicate more effectively in the workplace, including effective emotional self-awareness and self-expression, active listening, empathy, two-sided appeals, and The CONNECT Model™

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