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Companies with a coaching culture that incorporates people-focused practices, such as emphasizing employee strengths and in-the-moment feedback, are shown to have more effective performance management.

Coaching and Mentoring: Utilizing the Power of Relationships

by Kari Knutson, MA

Learning more about how coaching and mentoring work can help address a number of workplace issues, for example: improve employee retention, enhance morale, increase motivation and productivity, create a positive work culture, and help individuals feel valued and connected.

In this presentation participants examine the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring. They discover how both processes, when utilized in the right way, can help them achieve maximum personal and professional growth.

In addition, participants look at their own skill sets to see how they might be a coach or mentor to someone else. Recognizing the importance of the roles we all play and acting on those ideas can have a profound impact on our relationships. Actively engaging with others to turn their intentions into tangible and meaningful actions that help them achieve results is what coaching and mentoring are all about.

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Coaching Secrets for Leaders

by Tara Powers, MS

The skill of effectively coaching employees is essential to a leader’s ability to help people develop their full potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level. This practical, interactive workshop is designed to give leaders hands-on experience using proven coaching techniques.

Course objectives:

  • Explore personal perspectives and gain insight into intentions and perceptions
  • Practice a technique for checking in with people to ensure intentions are perceived correctly
  • Explore sphere of control and Influence as it relates to coaching
  • Review a step-by-step coaching approach model to be used with employees
  • Use a 3-step feedback process with a directive approach and a facilitative approach
  • Role play applying a facilitative coaching approach using questioning techniques
  • Bring it all together: Practice and apply the coaching mindset & techniques using real case studies

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