Trainer Bio

Yvette Costa, MBA, PCC

Yvette Costa, CEO of her own coaching and consulting firm, specializes in helping organizations build teams that are accountable - to the organization, the teams they are a part of, and to themselves. She does this by helping each team member increase their willingness to learn, to be vulnerable, and to collaborate without defensiveness or competitive rhetoric. Yvette brings over 25 years of corporate experience in the biotech/pharmaceutical arena to her work along with certifications in Yoga Therapy, Yoga, and the Science of Happiness. She also continues to study positive psychology and is a certified professional coach.

It is this eclectic background that enables Yvette to approach team dynamics and leadership from a unique perspective – that of the individual. She firmly believes that strong teams begin with the individual and that by providing individuals with the proper tools, knowledge, and support, they will develop the skills to manage change and ambiguity easily and consistently be a more productive team member.

With 25+ years in the corporate world, Yvette is acutely aware of the shifting needs of business to strategically invest in programs that help employees accept and navigate change with a positive mindset. Her unique approach combines her corporate experience and additional training in a way that empowers employees to willingly take responsibility for themselves to be a productive and positive influence on all the teams they are a part of.

Her goal is to create teams that are two-way, cohesive, collaborative, and would be comfortable saying: ‘I like to call my boss. S/He helps me think, listens to me objectively, challenges me to use my strengths and helps keep me on the right path forward.’

Yvette is a published author, keynote speaker, and facilitator. She is a certified Master Energy Leadership Index (M-ELI) expert, certified in the Science of Happiness, and is a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. Yvette holds a coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Coaching (iPEC), one of the top five coaching programs in the US.

Speaking/Workshop topics include:

  • What to Do When Work Makes You Unhappy
    The intersection of biology and self-awareness provides insights to shift mindset without changing jobs
  • Unleash Your Potential – Expand Your How
    A novel approach to understanding the impact of expectations on effectiveness and what to do differently
  • Success Then Happiness? Or Happiness Then Success? Which Comes First?
    Positive Psychology shows us that happiness proceeds success
  • Taming Your Negativity Bias: Managing Your Mind in Difficult Times
    Understanding the intrinsic nature of the mind and simple tools to help calm the negativity
  • Improve Your Communication – Expand Your How
    Applying the concept of expectations to communications, participants learn to recognize when expectations are undermining productivity and are shown how to use a simple tool to clarify and communicate more effectively
  • Emotional Intelligence Meets Yogic Principles
    The relationship between yogic principles and EQ is outlined and simple, everyday tools are introduced to decrease ‘autopilot’ mode and increase mindfulness