Trainer Bio

Rachel Lubchansky

Rachel E. Lubchansky is a triplet mama, entrepreneur, and startup business coach. Her genius is lighting the way for women to realize their full potential and step into their power. As the founder and CEO of her own coaching business and women's entrepreneur community, Rachel provides the step-by-step process, support, and connection to community women need to launch and grow their own businesses, challenge the status quo, and intentionally craft a life they love living.

Between creating and selling a fashion business in her 20s, and being the founder and operator of a nonprofit for eight years, Rachel has the perspective and expertise to help women turn their passions and talents into successful, sustainable businesses.

Rachel's coaching and workshop offerings focus on empowering participants with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to more effectively manage their time, enhance productivity, set realistic goals and turn them into action, and achieve work-life balance.